Wee Willie Winkie



An eight pattern comprising Wee Willie Winkie, lantern, clock and street light.

"Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town
Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown
Rapping on the windows, crying through the locks
‘Are the children in their beds? It’s past eight o’clock’."

A fun character to knit from the old nursery rhyme.

Measurements for Wee Willie Winkie:

Approx 26 cm to top of head.

Materials for Wee Willie Winkie:

lantern, clock and street light:

Doll is knitted in standard 4 ply on 2.75 mm (UK 12) knitting needles, hair is knitted in a fluffy yarn the equivalent of DK, on 3.75 mm (UK 9) knitting needles, (the short fluff gives best results, as a longer fluff will obscure the face).

Pixles was used in the pattern.

Oddments of 4 ply yarn required in foll colours: (Note: Less than 25g was used for each colour).

Caramel, red, medium blue, pale blue, pale peach, white, sunrise yellow, black, and fluffy yellow the equivalent of DK for hair.

1 small red pom-pom for long tail-end of cap.

2 smaller medium blue pom-poms for slippers.

3 x 5 mm diam drinking straws for pole of street-light.

One empty cotton-reel for base of pole.

1 Pair 8 mm wiggly sew on dolls eyes.

Blusher or red pencil crayon for colouring cheeks.

Red sewing thread for mouth.

Black sewing thread for eyelashes.

Polyester stuffing.

Long sewing needle for facial features.

Clear drying glue for base of street light.

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